How to cope with exam failure

How to cope with exam failure?

Failure is not the end of everything. It should be considered as a step for success. Everyone is scared of failing. Someone have fear of failure that sometimes adversely affect their performance itself. In this article we are specifically discuss about exam failures for students and how to cope with exam failure.

It is not always easy to handle exam failures. But it is also not an impossible task. You could cope with exam failure as others does. Here are some tips through which one can cope with exam failure.

Tips to cope with exam failure

1. Not the end

The first thing everyone should tell in his mind that it is “not the end”. An exam failure is not the end of everything. It may be a step back, but not the end. Everyone should understand that there are many opportunities available in front of them. Take it as positive, and work hard to achieve. You will succeed.

2. Motivate Yourself

After exam failures, someone may scold you, someone may criticize you, someone may console you, and someone may motivate you. It may not help you much in dealing with exam failure. You need to motivate yourself, that will work for you. Talk to yourself that you have the capacity, ability, etc. for the exam. Do things that motivate you for the future success. You can read motivational quotes, motivational stories, success stories, autobiographies, etc. to motivate you. Don’t criticize yourself much that put you down, instead analyse and motivate yourself positively.

3. Analyse Yourself

Take exam failure is an opportunity to analyse yourself again. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and also why you fail in the exam? Where it gone wrong? Like one simple reason is ‘you are not studied properly for the exams’. If that is the reason, the solution is ‘make a proper plan for studies’. If it is ‘the lack of concentration in studies‘, ‘improve your concentration while studying‘ through various methods. Like this you need to understand the reasons and solutions. Some exams requires particular preparation methods, you need to understand that.

This analysis also tells you that where you are standing in the competition presently. Also where you need to improve so that to change failure to success. Sometimes it is also understandable that you are in an unrealistic standard of achievement. If so, reanalyze your goals and set new standards.

4. Remember…Remember

One of the effective way of dealing with exam failure is to remember the goal. That is to remember why you start this project? / why you want to pass in this exam? Remembering the motivation and goal behind the start / writing an exam can help you to recharge you to the next attempt.

Another way is to remember your successes. It is one of the effective method of boosting up moods. It creates positive energy that you also have the capability to succeed. Also it helps you to analyse what makes you to succeed and what makes you failure.

5. Analyse your options

Take a decision on what should be your next course of action. Whether the exam / test can be retaken, If there is any other substitute test that can be given, If the test is at all worth doing again etc. Decisions must be taken such that it best suits yourself. You may take proper advice from experienced people for this. Take constructive opinions not destructive or negative one.

You should also have a Plan B or even Plan C in your life. Failure becomes more painful when you are only having single plan. Aim high, also have a plan B in life so that to reduce the pressure and pain of failure. Giving yourself multiple options from the beginning doesn’t leave you as helpless as it possibly could have.

6. Pray to GOD

Last but not the least pray to GOD. I said this because, praying to GOD gives an opportunity to say everything that there in your mind. Talking to someone will ease out your sorrow. It can help you to overcome depression. Gain positive energy from it. Don’t give up, pledge to work with GOD for the success. The success is yours.

Wishing you success.

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