How to revise what you studied

How to Revise What You Studied?

How to revise what I studied is a question that comes in mind of many students. Students may have finished out studying the whole mammoth syllabus. They may have looking for effective methods to revise the subjects studied. Revision is not a last moment program. It is a continuous program and you must prepare for it at your studying time onward.

If you are prepared you can revise what you studied and can easily remember it. There are some revision notes and points available which can be used to revise if you are not prepared for it. Here we are going to mention some tips and methods which will benefit you to revise what you studied.

How to Revise What You Studied?

1. Prepare a Revision Plan

It is important to prepare a revision plan for all the subject. Revision is not a program to start at the end after studying all. Include time for revision in your study time-table itself. This will help you to recollect what you studied earlier and continue further easily. You must give time to subjects or topics you feel more difficulty.

When you are near to exams, prepare revision plan according to the exam schedule. Give priorities to what is important. Try to cover the whole syllabus in revision before the exams.

2. Learning Method

Learning method is one of the factor that determines the revision method. If you have note cards or flash cards or revision notes, it is easy for you to revise what you studied. At least you should have some points marked or highlighted in the text or notes to revise easily and quickly. Remember that you will not have enough time to read the whole chapters or topics from all books you referred while you studied.

How you take notes and note taking methods follow also can help you in revise. A chapter summary prepared in note can help you to revise quickly.

3. Quizzing

Quizzing is one of the best way of revising what you studied. Find a friend and ask questions to each other related to topics. This will help you to understand more about the topic. This will also help you if you miss any topics in the subject. It may sometimes give questions which can ask in the exams.

4. Listen to Course Summary or Read Chapter Summary

Reading a chapter summary from your text-book is one of the option you can follow to revise. Most books have a chapter summary at the end of the chapter.

There may be some available video or audio of chapter summary available for expert’s lectures in the subject. This can be listened and you can revise. If you have this in a portable device, it will be a great use in revising the subject when you are travelling.

5. Solve Previous Year Question Papers or Attend Mock Test

Solving previous year question papers or attending mock tests are also good revision method. But this will not make you to revise the whole chapters. It can cover main points or important points based on exam point of you for a particular exam. If you follow this method, make sure that you attend more in number.

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