Career in Aquaculture

Career in Aquaculture

Introduction to Career in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a good choice of career for one who have keen interest in water organisms and like to deal with water. A science stream student with an interest can opt career in aquaculture.

What is Aquaculture?

Aqua science is the study of earth’s oceanic and fresh water environments. It covers the study of different water bodies, life inside them, the compositions, geology, etc. Aquaculture is the branch of aqua science deals with the cultivation of aquatic organisms under controlled or natural conditions. Mainly it deals with fish cultivation for human consumption, industrial purpose and medicinal purposes.

Even though there are many similarities between aquaculture and fisheries, there exists some differences also. Aquaculture is natural and controlled cultivation of fish and other aquatic organisms. Fisheries are related to catching and selling of fish or aquatic organisms.

Roles and Responsibilities of Aquaculturists

Main role of aquaculturists involve cultivation and breeding of fish or aquatic organisms. The work place may vary from ocean pens off the coast growing marine finfish, or on inland farms or on ponds. They design and construct fish farming ponds and fish hatchery units. They are also involved in the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants for food, industrial purpose, medicinal purpose, aquaria, water bodies, etc.

Educational Qualification Required

Minimum eligibility required to become an aquaculturists is BSc. in Aqua Science. The qualification to get admission to this bachelor course is different for different universities. Some institutions required to have biology as one of the subject in 10 + 2 and other only required any science stream. After BSc, one can get qualifications like MSc., M Phil or PhD in this field.

Diploma courses are also available in this field. Some universities offer diploma courses related to aquaculture with duration varies from one to three years.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Career in Aquaculture

Along with a thorough knowledge in the subject one should have various skills to pursue a career in aquaculture. One must have good physical as well as color vision. One should also possess good observation skills, patience, verbal and oral communication skills. Now a computer literacy is always an added advantage.

How to become an Aquaculturists?

Those who want to become an aquaculturists should go for science stream in 10 + 2 or equivalent. After that they can go for graduation in aqua science. They can also further continue their studies by obtaining master degree and M Phil degree. Aspirant can also go for PhD in this field. After 10 + 2 one can also go for diploma courses offered by several universities or institutions.

Where do I get the Job?

Many job opportunities are there for career in aquaculture. Jobs are available in food industry, various fishery departments and research organizations. One can work in sea food import export companies, research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural universities, etc. Teaching posts are also available to qualified persons in institutions offering courses in aquaculture.

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