Learning Techniques for Students

Learning Techniques for Students

Learning techniques improve concentration and helps the student to learn faster and remember easily. In our article ‘Methods to improve concentration while studying’ we discuss about some factors which helps in improving concentration. In this section we are going to discuss about some learning techniques a student can follow while studying.

We have seen students follow different techniques for learning. Here we are discussing some learning techniques you can try.

Learning Techniques for Students

1. Revision Notes or notecards or flashcards

This is one of the best method which is observed effective for many students. The method is to make revision notes or notecards or flashcards while studying. These cards or papers contains important points and topics which needs to be revised. You should also include topics which you couldn’t remember easily or feels difficult while you study. Revise it regularly, and you will easily remember it. You can also make figures, maps, charts, etc. which can help you in your study.

One main problem with this study technique is that it takes time. So if you have time in doing it, this is one of the best method to try.

2. Reading

One of the learning techniques which helps to learn fast is reading. There are many ways of reading you can try. Reading loudly can increase concentration and remembering capacity. Some read silently in a calm atmosphere. You may need to read the topic number of times to get things into your mind.

If you are studying along with a group of people, may be with your siblings or friends, reading loudly can disturb them. In this situation, you may not be able to follow this method. A calm atmosphere is also a difficult factor in these days.

3. Group Study

If you are with friends, one best learning technique you can follow is group study. Group study will help you to learn fast and remember easily. Students have different understanding levels, some knows some topics and others some other topics. This helps in group study method. In a group study, students can learn much faster and is effective.

Group study will be a failure if one or two person in the group are lazy and distractive. They will distract the group and whole time will waste in unnecessary talks or other activities.

4. Prepare Question and Answer

Try to prepare so many questions and write answers of them. If you are able to prepare questions from a topic and you can answer them correctly, you learned that topic. You must go much deep into the topic and try to prepare as much as questions. Find a friend who also prepares questions from the same topic. Try to start a quizzing session where both can ask their own prepared questions to other person. This will give you an opportunity to go more deep into the topic and also help you to revise it.

5. Visualize Your Topics

Visualize topics means, try to create a story based on the topic you are studying. Connect the topic with the subject and you will never forget it. You may also connect the topic with some life situations or stories you learned or read in a book. Most of the concept you study are related to surroundings so visualize with what is happening around you.

Understand your method of learning

You should understand which learning techniques suits you to concentrate and fast learning. Don’t follow your friend or somebody else in this case. Each person is different and you are different from others. One method is different from other, but try to follow the method which suits you. You can experiment with different methods and select a method which suits you and works best for you.

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