Techniques to Remember What You Study

Techniques to Remember What You Study

Remember what you study is one of the difficulties students face. To get good score in exams it is important for students to remember what they study. If a student overcomes this difficulty, they can score good at exams and able to perform well in entrance exams. Here we are discussing some techniques which students can use to remember studied topics and formulas. You can remember one thing if you study with concentration. So it is important for you to improve concentration while studying.

Techniques to Remember What You Study

The following are some techniques which will be useful for students to remember what you study.

1. Write it down

You may remember a punishment you got from your teacher to write the formula 100 times! Some students can remember what they write. When you write something, your hand, mind and eyes will come into play together. So chances of diverting mind to surrounding decreases. Write it down as much as time so that you could remember it.

2. Reading Fast / Slow

A technique one can develop to remember is to read fast. If you read fast, your mind will not get time to wander or divert from the topic. This will increase the concentration and you will be able to remember what you read. This technique should be practice well advance and should develop this skill of fast reading.

Some others can remember when they read slowly. Reading slowly means understand the concept while reading. If you are not understanding the concept while reading, there is no meaning of reading much.

A combination of reading fast and slow is the technique you should adopt. Practice reading and make it a habit.

3. Understand the Concept

Always try to understand the basic concepts correctly. Mere mugging up will never make you to remember. Understanding the concept correctly will help you to understand how to use particular concept in exams.

4. Make Notes

Making a good note will help you in remember what you study. Note preparation will help you to orderly arrange the topics. There are many methods to write good note. Read some in our article Good note taking methods to try. For remembering formulas you can prepare sticky notes or charts and place it at a place where you will see it regularly.

5. Prepare Codes and Connect with Known Facts

One of the effective method of remembering something is to connect with known facts and situations. You can connect with life situations, codes or words which can easily remember, etc.

6. Revise

If you revise regularly it will be easy to remember. In contact with a topic regularly make you to remember it. If you are not able to remember a formula, one method to remember is to write it down and read it at least once in a day. A good written note can be used to revise and remember what you study. Also read How to revise what you studied?

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