ESFP in Relationships

ESFP in Relationships

ESFPs are performers and entertainers who are fun loving and social people live in the moment. They like to enjoy every moment in life. This character is observable for ESFP in relationships.

ESFP Personality Type

ESFP in Relationships

ESFP personality type consider their relationships as an opportunity to excitements in the present rather than considering it as a plan for the future. They evaluate their relationships and reconsider the situations very often. Relationships with ESFP personality types are very fun and unforgettable for others. They like to enjoy each moment in their relationships.

ESFP as a Spouse / Lover

Social and fun-loving character is visible in the relationship pf ESFP as a spouse or lover. The moments with ESFP partner are enjoyable and unforgettable. They like to live in the moment and are constantly evaluate the relationship. They are not considering the relationship as an opportunity to build and plan future but an opportunity to enjoy the present moment. Long term plans and commitments are not the strength of ESFP personality type people.

ESFP personality type people are very emotional and sensitive. They take criticism very seriously and sometimes thinks that it is an attempt to destroy their enjoyment at present. This personality type are very enthusiastic and affectionate people who are likable by many people. Their witty and talkative nature makes them spotlight and are enjoying the same.

ESFP as a Parent

ESFP as a parent are playful and fun loving with their children. They try to find ways to enjoy the moments with their children by different means. They try to spend time with their children especially by playing with them and are taking this as an opportunity to enjoy. ESFPs are not good at planning and scheduling activities or future of their children. They love to deal things day by day and in their own way.

ESFPs are sensitive and emotional people who don’t like criticism much. If children show disrespect, this can hurt ESFP parent. ESFP parents are very good at providing emotional support to their children. They are very encouraging and supportive parents who are helpful in doing and trying new things in life. This helps the children to come out of their comfort zone and learn many things.  

ESFP as a Friend

ESFPs are friends who like to take pleasure of the moment. They are social and practical people who like to enjoy the moment in the friendships. They are not good at making a long-term friendship and commitments. This personality type people are very kind, emotional, and sociable in their friendship also. ESFPs are such friends who are there for a friend in need.

They are good at making friendship with others easily and are attractive and likable people. They like to be in spotlight and can do so with their characters. This makes them good at making friendship with introverts who don’t mind sharing the spotlight. Their bold and spontaneous nature can be seen in their friendship and this makes them go too far with risky and careless behaviors. They may get bored easily in their friendship if they cannot enjoy the moments.

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