ENTJs in Workplace

ENTJs in Workplace

ENTJ personality type people are career oriented and are good at leadership positions. This article discusses about various positions of ENTJs in workplace like manager / boss / leader, colleague and subordinate.

ENTJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ENTJs in Workplace

ENTJ personality type people are well suitable to business environment. They show authority and self-confidence in the workplace and in doing tasks.  

ENTJ as a Manager / Boss / Leader

As a manager / boss / leader an ENTJ is capable of getting things done. They are well equipped with talents which are suitable for executive positions and entrepreneur. They are very good visionaries and are able to formulate strategies to achieve them. This personality type people also have an exceptional ability to execute the strategies. ENTJ managers are authoritative in nature and places high standards for themselves and others.

This personality type people also show a thirst for knowledge and have a good grasping capacity. They are not good at day to day administration, but are true visionaries. Good communication skills help the ENTJs to communicate the vision or goal and execute it well. Managers of this personality type are looking everything with logic in mind. This could have created problem when some issues need to be considered with emotional understanding.

ENTJ as a Colleague

ENTJ as a colleague require space for expressing themselves, possibility to lead, and growth opportunities. If they aren’t recognized and not got enough opportunities for managing others, they are mostly unhappy people. These people are leaders and commanders among a team and put ideas to do the tasks. They mostly take authoritative role in the team and take initiative in doing tasks.

ENTJs are people who like to share ideas and love to have team members with the same qualities. They cannot adjust with laziness and incompetence in the team. They look for logic in everything and are not good at giving emotional support to the team members.

ENTJ as a Subordinate

Subordinate position is one of the difficult position for an ENTJ personality type. ENTJ subordinate always look for an opportunity to grow in their career and to manage others. For this reason, they like to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and seek new challenges and responsibilities. They like to take leadership positions in doing a task and will put full efforts to accomplish it. As ENTJs are very good at accomplishing tasks at workplace, they are usually well-liked by their superiors. They don’t like strict structure and daily routine works.

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