Careers in Agricultural Science

Careers in Agricultural Science

Introduction to Careers in Agricultural Science

Agriculture industry always plays an important role in economic and social culture of all countries. In India agriculture is the primary sector on which about 62% of the Indian population depend on for their livelihood. Careers in agricultural science is having much importance. Agriculture science is one of the important and ever developing field which is changing continuously. It is a multidisciplinary field consists of a science, technology and business. Here we discuss about careers in agricultural science.

What is Agricultural Science?

Agricultural science is the study of agriculture and related fields. It includes the study in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, technology, business to improve the production and quality, transforming the raw material into end products and distribution and marketing of the products.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Agricultural Scientist

The major work role consists of improving the quality and quantity in farming products, research oriented works, methods for conservation of soil and water, etc. They must have involved in lot of research and development works for the improvement of agriculture industry.

Agriculture include farm management, horticulture, business and industries that manufacture agricultural machinery, industries that buy and process farm products, banking activities for financing and developing farms, research for improving quantity and quality of farm products and so on.

Educational Qualification Required

Educational qualification to become an agricultural scientist is different for different positions and works you undertook. It varies from a good experience to undergraduate certifications to diploma courses to post graduate courses to doctoral level courses.

One can obtain diploma certifications, bachelors degree (BSc. Agriculture), post graduate degree (MSC. Agriculture) and doctorate (PhD) in the fields of agriculture. For research or teaching positions one must get post graduate degree or doctoral degree in the field of agriculture. Now one can get MBA in Agriculture to make good career in the field of agricultural business. Many institutes and colleges are offering different courses in the field of agriculture.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Careers in Agricultural Science

To become an agricultural scientist, one must have good knowledge and interest about nature, botany, chemistry, physics, mathematics and business.

Along with the knowledge one must have aptitude and interest in research, team skills, analytical skills, observation skills, communication skills, presentation skills, business knowledge, organizing skills, computer knowledge etc.

How to become an Agricultural Scientist?

One can become an agricultural economist by opting for science stream in 10 + 2 and then go for bachelor’s degree (BSc. or B. Tech) courses in agriculture and continue with post graduate degree (MSc. or M. Tech or MBA) in agriculture and also do some MPhil or PhD to improve their career path.

Many admissions in the field of agriculture are through different entrance exams. Indian Council of Agricultural research (ICAR), New Delhi conducts entrance exams for graduate and post graduate courses. There are MBA courses in Agriculture fields. To get admission in MBA one must have to write CAT or MAT or CMAT, AIMAT or XMAT or GMAT depends upon the college.

Different Courses in Agricultural Science

Different specialization and study in agriculture field includes:

1. Agricultural chemistry

2. Agricultural biotechnology

3. Agricultural botany

4. Agricultural economics

5. Agricultural engineering

6. Agricultural journalism

7. Agricultural marketing management

8. Agronomy

9. Animal science

10. Biosystems engineering

11. Biotechnology

12. Diary and poultry farming

13. Ecology

14. Floriculture

15. Environmental science

16. Farming system management

17. Fishery

18. Food science

19. Genetic engineering

20. Horticulture

21. Microbiology

22. Nematology

23. Plant physiology

24. Plant science

25. Seed technology

26. Sericulture

27. Soil science

28. Waste management

29. Water conservation

Where do I get the Job?

Agriculture always offers good career option to persons who are having good interest on this. The available job includes in the fields of government sector, semi government organizations, non-government organizations, research institutes, banks, agro industry sector, agricultural universities, agricultural service organizations etc.

Jobs are available in different fields and specializations of agriculture. Jobs are available in teaching as well as research positions. Marketing and merchandising of agriculture products and related materials are also a good career option.

Many well qualified persons in this field are also opting for self-employment. Some of the government jobs recruited by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) or State Public Service Commission includes agricultural extension officer, rural development officer, field officer, seed production officer, agricultural assistants, etc.

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