ENFJ in Relationships. ENFJ Partner, ENFJ Parent, ENFJ Friend

ENFJ in Relationships

ENFJs in relationships are very helpful and supportive in nature. They like to do things which pleases others and makes them happy. This article discusses more about ENFJ in relationships like partner, parent and friend.

ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ in Relationships

ENFJ personality type people value their relationships much. Generally, they are selfless and sensitive people who consider needs of others prior to their own. They are also very good listeners and have exceptional ability to perceive and adjust with moods of others.

ENFJ as a Partner / Spouse / Lover

ENFJ personality type people take relationship with their partner seriously. They want their relationship to exist for long time. This personality type people are those who found happiness in helping others. They will show this to their partner and make the relationships much stronger and committed. They are also very dependable and trustworthy partners. ENFJs have a tremendous ability to adjust with the mood of partner. This help them to understand partner and are able to get confidence and trustworthiness from them. They make their partners happy and are ready to sacrifice for the happiness of their partner. They believe in the principle that true happiness is only achieved through mutual happiness.

ENFJs try to avoid any type of conflict in relationships. They will try everything, even sacrifice their principles for this cause. If they were not able to solve a conflict it can lead to insecurity. Their sentiments and selflessness in relationship can make them guilt and betrayal if their efforts are not getting results.

ENFJ as a Parent

ENFJ parents are very encouraging and supportive for their children. They are very selfless and sensitive towards their children and take care of every needs. They also put their needs unattended and consider well below to the needs of their children. ENFJs are like friends of their children and always encourage them to follow their hearts. They have an ability to perceive their children and able to understand their moods. Along with complete support, they will also try to build strong values in their children.

ENFJs are people who put high standards in life. This may even show up in their parenting style. They encourage their children to be the best in life. If the children become more rebellious and take their own decisions at some stage of the childhood, it could have hurt ENFJ parent.

ENFJ as a Friend

ENFJs always believe in genuine friendships. They put active efforts in maintaining this friendship with others. Their charm, popular and sense of humor attitude help them to get enough friends. They view their friendship as important and essential for their life. This personality type people have an ability to perceive others and also try to know other people. They like to hear their friends and value their thoughts.

Others respect and value friendship with an ENFJ because of their kindness, warmth and popular nature. They are good leader in the friendship group who can accommodate all others and make that group active. This personality type people find happiness in others happiness, which is also seen in their friendship. Also, they will try to push forward their friends, this could have also create problems as some may consider it as over interference in their life.

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