Career Choices for ENTJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ENTJ Personality Type

Based on traits and interest, there are optimal career choices and careers to avoid for each personality type people. This article discusses about various career choices for ENTJ personality type people.

ENTJ Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ENTJ personality type

Optimal careers are those career choices which matches their interest and traits. Being in best career choices can make them happy and successful. ENTJs are good at complex problem solving and are looking for constant growth and improvement in career. They like to have leadership positions and well-defined goals in an organization.

ENTJ personality type people are best in management or supervisory roles. They are good at business environments, entrepreneurship, meeting goals and targets, constant improvement, solving problems, etc. Thus, they are good at jobs like CEO and COO of company, analyst, manager, logistician, research, etc.

This personality type people are good at many jobs in many fields which require problem solving, innovation, have clear targets and goals, logical thinking, etc. Some jobs of this category include architectural, engineering, computer science, scientist, actuary, statistician, economist, professors, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ENTJs

Career which should avoid for ENTJ personality type are those careers which makes them stressful and unsatisfied because of their interest and common traits. This personality type people are not good at understanding emotions and repetitive tasks. Those careers which require to look into small things rather than looking for a big picture are also not preferred for ENTJs.

Their lack of emotional understanding makes them not suitable for jobs like child care jobs, preschool teacher, special school teacher, child psychologist, medical or dental jobs, nursing, priest, social worker, etc.

Repetitive and routine jobs like data entry jobs, restaurant jobs, receptionist, clerical careers, etc. are also not suitable for ENTJ personality type people. A job which requires to follow strict schedules are also not preferred to ENTJs.

Work habits of an ENTJ

ENTJs are career-oriented people who like to be in leadership positions. They are also known as ‘The Executive’ or ‘The CEO’ or ‘The Commanders’. They have high standard for everything and doesn’t like errors. These people show authoritative nature in workplace and will demonstrate leadership qualities. They are good at solving problems quickly and efficiently. They are also very good fit for corporate world and environment. ENTJs like to face new challenges and are able to deal them in workplace. When it comes to planning and execution, ENTJs are the best. They don’t like fully structured atmosphere, and dislike laziness and inefficiency. They are also very good communicators and are able to get the task done in workplace.

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