Career Choices for ENTP Personality Type

Career Choices for ENTP Personality Type

ENTPs are a versatile personality type which makes them suitable for many career opportunities. In this article we are going to discuss various career choices for ENTP personality type.

ENTP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ENTP personality type

Careers which include conceptual thinking and allows solving problems creatively are good for ENTP personality type. The intellectual knowledge they have and the willingness to learn makes them perfect for jobs like scientists, engineers, consultants, researchers, programmers, psychologists, etc. Debating ability along with the knowledge makes them suitable for lawyer profession. Their character of increasing competence and to be an expert in the field also contribute much to these career choices.

Traits like good communication skills, excellent people management skills, ability to accept new ideas, energetic and confidence nature make them perfect for many and wide career choices. Some career choices that are good for ENTPs are human resource management, relationship manager, marketing, photographer, creative director, etc. They are good at executive and senior management levels in organizations.

Career choices not preferred for ENTPs

Some traits and work habits of ENTP personality types makes them not suitable for some careers. Professional success and satisfaction to the job and life can be achieved if they are in careers which suits them. Careers which makes them bored easily by mundane and repeated tasks are not suitable for ENTP personality type. If they are in jobs which restrict them from expressing their ideas can create stress. Their insensitivity and intolerance can also make some career not preferred for ENTPs.

Based on traits, ENTPs are preferred to avoid some career options. Some of them are nursing, dentist, preschool and elementary teaching, receptionist, clergy, clerical jobs, assistant, accountant, auditing, etc.

Work habits of an ENTP

ENTPs are people who are very productive and helpful in the workplace. They show excellent people skills which makes them efficient to handle people-oriented problems very easily. This personality type people are also good at finding solutions to interesting and intellectual problems. They are acceptable and good at new ideas in the workplace and are able to work on this. Also, they expect their ideas to be heard by others, especially superiors.

Very energetic and confident people at workplace with excellent knowledge base. They are very honest and aware about their strengths and weaknesses. They are people who always try to improve and grow in their career as well as efficiency of work. This personality type people are self-learning type and also take efforts to learn from their own mistakes.

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