ENTPs in Workplace, ENTP manager, ENTP colleague, ENTP subordinate

ENTPs in Workplace

Being excellent in communication and people skills, ENTPs benefit much in workplace. Their different traits help them to be good at various positions. This article discusses about various positions of ENTPs in workplace like manager / boss, colleague and subordinate. 

ENTP Personality Type

Various Positions of ENTPs in Workplace

In general, ENTP personality type are very good at new ideas. They are also ready to accept new ideas from others. This makes them adaptable for changes in workplace like shifting goals, management, etc. They like competency and want to expert in their field of work.

ENTP as a Manager / Boss

ENTPs excellent communication skills and people skills makes them good at managerial positions. The adaptability, knowledge base and acceptability to new ideas makes them natural leaders. They may enjoy the position as this may give them the opportunity and freedom to try their ideas. They are open to new ideas and changes which makes them adapt and handle different situation at workplace. Even they accept their own mistakes and ready to learn from them. That is, they are willing to accept new ideas and criticism from the subordinates.

If they found any problem with the subordinates, they will point them out. This makes others perceive them as harsh with the subordinates. ENTP managers always have a quest for improvement and learning new things. They look for new trends and try to get information and are ready to accept it.

ENTP as a Colleague

ENTPs are energetic and debatable personality who like to share their ideas with colleagues. They are innovative and like to accept new ideas from colleagues. They are also very acceptable to criticism from their colleagues and try to learn from their own mistakes. They are good at problem solving and can come with new ideas for the exciting challenges. This personality type people are mostly liked by their colleagues due to their energetic and confident nature.

As a member in the team, they are the persons who will point out flaws in the plans. This can even identify them as harsh and intolerance people. In a team, ENTP personality type want to explore new and creative ideas. This may create friction between team members who want to take more traditional approach in the task.

ENTP as a Subordinate

ENTP as a subordinate are good at accepting changes and are flexible at workplace. They can easily adaptable with shifting goals, changing management, etc. They are good at ideas and expect their ideas to be heard by their superiors. The ENTP subordinates are self-learners and are ready to accept and learn from their own mistakes also. So, this personality type people are acceptable to criticism if it is logical and performance oriented.

Being open to new ideas and acceptable to it, they may not be good at organizations that follow strict hierarchy. This personality type may also be challenging their manager’s ideas and rules in the organization. They may also feel stressed if they have to follow routine works and monotonous tasks in the workplace.

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