ESFJ in Relationships : ESFJ partner, parent and friend

ESFJ in Relationships

ESFJs are very warm and loyal persons in their relationships. This article discusses about ESFJ in relationships like partner / spouse / lover, parent and friend.

ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJ in Relationships

ESFJ personality type are warm, loyal and responsible persons who value their relationships. These people are kind and helpful. Their happiness lies in the happiness of their relationships. They will try their best to maintain the relationships long lasting.

ESFJ as a Partner / Spouse / Lover

ESFJ consider family relationships with higher importance. These people are loyal and warm and are good at practical skills. They love to experience the feeling of stability and security from the family relationships. They expect their partners to support and encourage them in their activities. If they got full support, they are one who can fight against any hardships in the life. This personality type people are good at creating win-win situation and mutual respect in marriage and love relationships which enables to go for long lasting relationships.

Criticism is one thing ESFJs don’t like and will feel extremely hurt when their partner criticizes them. Also, they dislike conflict situation and they may try to avoid such situation in life. If they don’t get appreciation or support for their dreams and opinions from the partner, it could have made them feel as lonely in their relationships. Their emotional character makes them easily fall into emotionally abusive relationships and sometimes compromising their own principles and values for partner’s approval. Also, they respect social status and traditions, so they value much of the opinions and choices which give social status in relationships.

ESFJ as a Parent

ESFJ parents take parenting as good opportunity to display their dedication and responsibility. This personality type people are those who like to enjoy each moment with their children. They love to have social status and expects their children to keep them. They may create rules and regulations and are too traditional in their approach to children. Their compassionate behavior will help them to understand their children’s emotions and feelings. They try to make their children feel that they are safe, secure and happy. Also, they are the one who will cheer and support their children in every moment. ESFJs are so close to their children, and feels hurt when children begin to move away from them.

ESFJ as a Friend

ESFJs are good social people who like to create friends. They are good communicators, loyal, warm and energetic to make friends easily. They also possess skills to maintain their relationships for a long time. This personality type are those friends whom you can rely upon. ESFJs are kind and helpful friends who will give constant support and encouragement. They like to see that their friends are happy and comfortable with them. They will support their friends in any situation and expects the same attitude in return.

ESFJs are selfless people and sometimes extends their support in such a manner which even makes a perception of influencing others. They dislike conflicts and criticism in their friendship. This could have extremely hurt them.

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