Career Choices for ESTJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ personality type are having various strengths which are suitable for many career options. This article discusses about various career choices for ESTJ personality type. Depends upon the work habits and interests, there are various optimal career choices and careers to avoid for ESTJ personality type people.

ESTJ Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ESTJ personality type

ESTJ personality type people are good at creating order and organizing. They always show strong will and dedication in everything they involved. This can also be seen in their work. So, jobs which require order and to follow traditional methods are good choice for ESTJ personality type people. ESTJ personality type people like to be in control and often seek managerial positions in work.

Financial and accounting jobs are good for ESTJ personality type because it requires to follow order and some strict rules. Also, they are good at facts and logic, which makes them efficient at these jobs. Some such jobs include, accountant, auditor, banker, financial officer, economist, etc.

Their abilities like strong will, creating order, organizing, problem solving and dedication makes them efficient for some senior positions. These people are thus good at senior management positions, business administration, editor, etc.

They like to follow traditions and are good at taking decisions based on facts available. This along with other strengths makes them good at various positions like military officer, government jobs, judge, detective, police officer, technical specialist, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ESTJs

Career choices to avoid for ESTJs are based on their interest and traits. Being in a career which doesn’t suit their traits may lead to frustration and stress. There are some jobs which ESTJ personality type people should avoid.

This personality type people are not good at understanding and expressing emotions. Thus, makes them not suitable for many of the jobs where they have to show some empathy towards others. Some such jobs include social worker, social scientists, preschool teacher, special school teacher, child care provider, etc.

ESTJ personality type people are not good at expressions and imaginations. They also want proper structure, stability and security in jobs. This makes them not suitable for jobs like actor, writer, musician, etc.  

Work habits of an ESTJ

ESTJ personality type will show excellent dedication and loyalty towards the organization. They are those people who are willing to make sacrifices to accomplish a task. ESTJ people work hard to get social status, thus like to be appreciated and recognized in workplace. They work hard to achieve such appreciation and rewards. If they are in a leadership position, these people are good at creating order. In workplace they love to follow traditional and verified methods rather than acceptable to new ideas. Very particular and stubborn at their own views and ideas. ESTJs like to work in a fully structured work environment with clear set of organizational structure.

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