ESTJs in Workplace

ESTJs in Workplace

ESTJs are very organized and are good at creating order from chaotic situations. This article discusses more about ESTJs in workplace as manager / leader / boss, colleague and as subordinate. 

ESTJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ESTJs in Workplace

ESTJ personality type people like to work in a structured environment and with a clear set of organizational structure. They generally share an interest in respecting tradition, stability and security in workplace. They like to be in control as a result look for managerial positions. But they have immense abilities to be successful in other positions also.

ESTJ as a Manager / Boss

ESTJ manager like to make sure that everything is done in order and as per plan. They are good at organizing and make detailed plans and rules to do a task. Their way of doing things will be traditional and doesn’t bother about new and innovative way of doing a task. They like to be model citizens and like to maintain their status as a manager.

ESTJs like to develop social status and so enjoy the position and power they got in leadership position. They like to take control of the situation by their nature and like to be in the managerial position. They like to follow structure and authority in the organization and mostly decisive and stubborn character. This personality type people are very straight forward and will talk without any mincing words. They will express their views straight and honest and never hesitate to show their disapproval to other views.

ESTJ as a Colleague

ESTJs are people who like to follow traditions and facts before entering into a situation. So, they may require clear picture of the situation as a colleague in workplace. If not, they first initiate to create an order and then follow. They like to grow in their career to senior positions, but not taking risky projects.

ESTJ personality type people are like to create order and organize anything. They like to take charge of the situation and will take decisions in a team. They are very straight forward colleague who expresses real facts without mincing words. This personality type people will share their evaluation of the situation directly and honestly.

ESTJ as a Subordinate

ESTJs are very hardworking subordinate who like to follow traditional methods. They show immense dedication and loyalty to the work and organization they involved in. They are very productive people, but requires clear picture about the task and way of doing it. These people will try to create an order and plan for the task and stick with it. They may show their disapproval and stubborn nature, especially if the plan is not well explained or developed. They are not that type of subordinate who will take risk and jump into uncertain future.  

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