ESTJ in Relationships, ESTJ partner, ESTJ parent, ESTJ friend

ESTJ in Relationships

ESTJs give high value and importance to their relationships. This article discusses about ESTJ in relationships like partner, parent and friend.

ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ in Relationships

ESTJ personality type people take their relationships seriously and will put enough efforts to in ensure that they remain strong and committed. They like to have maintain their social status in any type of relationships. Their love towards traditions, structures, keeping order and loyalty are visible in the relationships.

ESTJ as a Partner / Spouse / Lover

ESTJ personality type are those people who value honesty and are straight forward in nature. Also, they love traditions and give importance to social status. They are much worried about how others think about them when they are dealing with something. All these characters make them good at long-term relationships as a partner and like to bound in extremely stable relationships.

This personality type shows loyalty towards their partner and have clear understanding about what they need to achieve from their relationships. They are particular about each life goals and any changes in day today activities will not affect their relationships.

Their fact-oriented nature and calmness may be attractive to some extend in relationships. But sometimes, their stubborn and straight forward nature makes problems. Partner may feel uncomfortable with ESTJs direct approach as well as fact-oriented behavior. Unable to deal with emotions, express as well as understand, can also makes others feel them as not caring for partner.

ESTJ as a Parent

ESTJ personality type people are very strict parents who are enforcing their children to follow family traditions. They will form certain standards and orders in their family and force their children to follow the same. This may include some small works like cleaning their plates, rooms, keeping things order in their rooms, etc. This personality type people are mostly model citizens and expect their children to carry that image in the society.

Main drawback of ESTJ as a parent is their stubborn nature and more fact-oriented thinking. This may make their children difficult to overcome certain situations in life. But this attitude is a part of ESTJ character and thinking to develop their children into respected, responsible and hardworking adult like them.

ESTJ as a Friend

ESTJ friendships are strong and long lasting one. They show enough loyalty and dedication in keeping the friendship for long time (but second preference to their family). ESTJ friends are too traditional in nature and like to follow an order in their friendship. They are not the people who found time to relax and entertain in the party. But they know how to organize and make order in different situations to make their friendship live and long lasting.

This personality type people are not good at showing empathy and emotions to their friends. But like to develop social status and respect from others by their acts. Their stubborn nature and traditional approach may make them inappropriate for certain situations in friendship. They also have difficulty in listening to other ideas and viewpoints.

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