Career Choices for ESTP Personality Type

Career Choices for ESTP Personality Type

ESTPs are doers who are good at solving logical problems at the present moment. This trait is visible in their workplace also. This article discusses about various career choices for ESTP personality type.

This personality type people are good at understanding present situations and facts in a workplace. They are also able to solve difficult situations by dealing with problems one by one. They are flexible and practical in approach and are sociable people.

ESTP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for ESTP personality type

Traits of ESTP personality types makes them suitable for many career choices. ESTPs are good at mechanical skills, athletic and active, good problem solvers, logical thinkers, like adventure, and are good doers. If they are in careers where they can take advantage of their strengths, they will be seen as satisfied and successful.

Their activeness, athletic nature, ability to do routine works, and risk loving character makes them suitable for jobs like military officer, police officer, fire fighter, athletic trainer, pilot, etc. They are also suitable for jobs like mechanics, mechanical engineer, chef, vocational teacher, gym trainer, etc.

ESTPs are good at problem solving, logical thinking and dealing with what is in front of them and at present moment. These traits along with their strengths makes them suitable for jobs like sales, analyst, technician, air traffic controller, paramedical, EMT (emergency medical technician) etc. Their energy, boldness to take risk can make entrepreneurship as one choice, but needs to develop planning skills in life.

Career choices not preferred for ESTPs

Like all other personality types ESTPs are also have some weaknesses which makes them not preferable for some career choices. If they are in such jobs which require to perform outside their natural ability can make them stressful and unsatisfied in their career.

ESTPs are generally not good at seeing a big picture in their analysis, they are good at solving problems one by one without considering the whole situations. This makes them not good at some career choices like research, animation, planning, consultant, etc.

Their impatience and insensitivity make them not suitable for jobs like nurse, preschool teacher, special school teacher, psychologist, clergy or priest, counselor, mentor, etc.

Work habits of an ESTP

ESTPs are action oriented people in the workplace. They are athletic and have good problem-solving skills in work. Along with that they are also bold and risk takers. They love to deal with problems at present and often misses big picture. They are not good planers but are good at routine and repetitive jobs. So, in workplace they love to complete the task which have proper structure. ESTPs like to be fun loving and adaptive in workplace which can create a good atmosphere around them.

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