ESTP in Relationships

ESTP in Relationships

ESTPs are fun loving people who like to live and enjoy present moment. This can be seen in their relationships also. This article discusses ESTP in relationships as a spouse / lover, parent and friend.

ESTP Personality Type

ESTP in Relationships

Common traits of ESTP personality types are visible in their relationships also. Strengths and weaknesses are there in these common traits of ESTP personality type. ESTPs are practical and adaptive people but get bored easily. They are committed but want to take commitments on a day by day basis. ESTPs are sociable and charming people who love to take risks and bold steps.

ESTP as a Spouse / Lover

ESTP as a spouse or lover are charming and fun-loving people who like to live in the present moment. Being like to live in the present moment, they are not good for long term commitments.  They are not good at showing their emotional feelings and are also not able to understand emotions of their partners. They don’t even see the need to constantly say or express their love towards their partner. This makes ESTPs not understandable easily and also insensitive to their partners. This personality type people are adventurous and like to have support from their partner. Instead of having serious discussions or planning they like to have action-oriented and problem solving approach in life. They are good at giving consideration to their partner’s physical and day to day requirements.

ESTP as a Parent

ESTP parents like to enjoy spending time with their children. They love to live in the moment and like to participate in their daily activities. They are very practical in approach and find parenting as a learning opportunity in their life. They treat their children as individuals who have their own voices and freedom of choice in the family. ESTPs are good at problem solving and are helpful when their children are in problem. They are very understanding when their children make mistakes and are willing to help them in those situations. But they are not good at understanding emotions of their children. This could have made friction between children and ESTP parent mostly in ages where children require more emotional support than solutions. ESTP parents are good at, and are taking care of everyday needs for their children. Also, they are very supportive to their children in participating athletic and competitions.

ESTP as a Friend

ESTPs are very charming and good friends who like to spend time with them. They like to enjoy friendship and moments associated with them. These people are very imaginative and practical and are never been boring. They are very talkative and fun-loving people who value their friendship much. But they don’t like to have philosophical discussions and emotional explorations in friendship. ESTPs like adventures and sports and expects the friends to come along with them for these activities. They are very good at observing others and analyze their friendship. They don’t worry much about what others think of them and are positive in life.

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