ESTPs in Workplace

ESTP in Workplace

ESTP in workplace are adaptable and fun-loving people who love to tackle problems in the moment. They are spontaneous, adaptable and practical in nature. This article discusses various positions of ESTP in workplace as a manager or boss, as a colleague and as a subordinate.

ESTP Personality Type

Various Positions of ESTP in Workplace

Traits of ESTP personality type makes them more suitable in managerial position than other. But it is not easy to get into managerial positions in initial phases of the career. There are various career options for ESTP personality type. In all positions, they are good at solving logical problems in the moment. They show flexible approach in workplace and think to give a try at different situations or opportunities.

ESTP as a Manager / Boss / Leader

Manager or boss is one of the best comfortable position for an ESTP. They like to take risks and experiments in their acts and are practical in nature. Their ability to identify practicality of an idea makes them good at managerial position. They are good at assessing and identifying situation very quickly and respond to it with practical solutions. In managerial position, they like to deal problems in day to day basis. This sometimes makes them miss big picture of the problem and leads to complex problems later. But this trait enables them to split complex and lengthy task in to small, clear, measurable and attainable one.

Being very good at observing and perceiving people makes them better understand subordinates and arrange task according to that. One problem with ESTP manager is that they are not good at understanding emotions of their subordinates. They think logically, even to behavior of subordinates which can leads ESTP to perceive them as incompetent and lazy people.

ESTP as a Colleague

ESTPs are very charming and popular individuals among the colleagues. They are very helpful for others in the team with their quick thinking and problem-solving abilities. People of this personality type are active, playful, sociable people who like to enjoy present moment. They like flexibility in doing things, which may create problem with others who like to do things in a particular way only.

They are thinking logically and are insensitive to the emotions of others. If ESTPs are not able to find any logical reason behind a behavior of others, they may consider them as incompetent or lazy acts. They are very observant and are very good at perceiving others behavior. This along with adaptability makes them to change their behavior in tune with colleagues.

ESTP as a Subordinate

Being a subordinate is one of the challenging positions for ESTP personality type. They are dominant people who hate having others’ rules and regulations on them. ESTPs are very good doers, so can be a good subordinate who can complete the task if the task is short and for the moment. They have good problem-solving and quick thinking skills which can be used well for doing tasks.

ESTPs are happy if they got opportunities in tasks which require to take risks and experimentation. So, they are well performed in such tasks which require these skills, which may be difficult for others to do. Their interest in mechanical and athletic activities can be utilized well in different tasks and jobs. They dislike being stuck in one position for long time and do best in a job where they think have an opportunity to grow. An ESTP subordinate can be consider as a person in company’s successor plans.

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