Career Choices for INFJ Personality Type

Career Choices for INFJ Personality Type

Career choices for INFJ personality type are that will help them to do something for the society as a whole and also to take care of their family. This article says more about optimal career choices for INFJ and career choices not preferred for INFJ.

INFJ Personality Type

Optimal Career Choices for INFJ Personality Type

INFJs are not that type or people who give importance to their own status and glory in their career choices. The best match will be that have some goal or purpose in doing them. The career choices that will help them to stay in their values and principles will be a suitable choice for them.

Their intuitiveness, ability to communicate well, and social responsibility help them to be in careers like teaching, counseling and mentoring. If teaching is like a routine job or has to handle mass people, they could have problem in it. But a teaching job associated with new studies or research can be best choice for INFJ. Their ability to advice and coach people give them good choices of careers like dietitian and nutritionist. INFJ personality type are good at understanding people behavior and even can help them to solve problems, this helps them in jobs like psychologist and criminologists. Being a perfectionist, an INFJ can be good at critic role. This makes them suitable for critic jobs in film, art, food, etc.

INFJs are genuinely good at communication skills especially written skills. This skill can make them natural writers or inspirational speakers or advisers or film script writers. Their ability to handle people make them suitable persons in human resource management professions. INFJs can be scientist or researcher as these professions are goal oriented and also not routine works.

Career Choices not Preferred for INFJs

An INFJ are not preferred to enter into jobs which contradict their values and principles. A career which requires spontaneous decision making without analyzing risk factors will also become more difficult for INFJs. Being reserve and quiet persons, some career will also be difficult for INFJ as a personality type. Jobs which have only routine works and no goal to focus must also not preferred for INFJs.

Some jobs which are not preferred for INFJs include marketing, politics, customer care etc. These jobs require great amount of competitiveness, ability to outspoken which are not the basket for INFJs. Finance jobs, accounting jobs, clerical jobs, auditing jobs, military or police officers, etc. are also not preferred for INFJs as these jobs have lots of routine work to be done.

Work Habits of an INFJ

Career choices for INFJs are difficult as these personality type don’t value the salary or the position as much as other personality types. But they look salary or income as important to fulfill their vision and values. It is important for them to match their principles and values. They seek for perfectionism, look for societal benefits and goal-oriented approach in works. They are happy in work habits if their abilities are valued.

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