Weaknesses of INFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of INFJ Personality Type

Understanding weaknesses is also important in developing a personality along with strengths. If you understood what your weaknesses are, you found the problem. Now you need only to find the solution or method to overcome it. This article gives some of the weaknesses of INFJ personality type.

INFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of INFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of a personality type is that their undeveloped part or some traits they possess as a personality type. We need to understand the weaknesses and try to overcome it. If it is come from underdeveloped parts of the personality, it is good to take initiative and give time for it. You need to concentrate on strengths of INFJ Personality type.

The following are some of the weaknesses of an INFJ Personality Type:

1. Sensitive

INFJ personality type are sensitive to criticism and conflict. They are very responsive to criticisms against their principles, values and motives.

2. Perfectionist

An INFJ is always believe there is a more perfect and best option available. This could have made them avoiding acceptable offers in life and make them not able to grasp the opportunities. They may often ignore a productive and better option in expectation of best option, which may not always arise later. They also try to make something perfect by doing it again and again. If they fail it would have made them lost their temper.

3. Private

When comes to their personal life, an INFJ is extremely private and keep to themselves under any situation. Trusting friends even to close friends is difficult to INFJs. They are quiet, reserved and secretive in nature so others look them as mysterious people.

4. Burn out easily

An INFJ is likely to exhaust themselves if they don’t find a way to balance between their ideals with realities of life. This could have been as a result of their tendency to present themselves as ideal, passionate and extreme privacy people.

5. Looking for a cause

They are looking for a cause or goal to pursue in everything. These personality type people look restless and disappointed when a goal is not visible to them. This can affect their daily routine works.

6. Overly cautious

INFJs like to plan in advance to avoid any risky situations in future. They are not spontaneous and instant decision makers. This may lead them to lose some opportunities. The unknowns in this type of opportunities discourage them to select them.

7. Don’t prioritize their personal needs

INFJs put the needs of other over their own. This could have cause problems in their personal life. If they are not deal with their own needs, this could have made them more into stressful situation and end up in a disappointment.

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