Career Choices for INFP Personality Type

Career Choices for INFP Personality Type

Based on strengths and traits, there are various career choices for INFP personality type. If the career and work environment are matching with their strengths and traits, then they will be satisfied and successful in their career.

INFPs at workplace are not much driven by money or status, instead driven by their personal values. If their personal values are matched with vision of the organization, they may be well interested in that career.

INFP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for INFP personality type

Very creative and imaginative people, so like to be in a role which gives them enough space and time to come up with ideas. Very helpful and compassionate in their attitude, so like to work in a job which will improve circumstances of other people.

Imaginative and artistic nature makes them good at various career options that require such skills. Some of them includes fashion designer, graphic designer, animator, multimedia artist, fine artist, editor, film director, photographer, writer, etc.

Their kind and compassionate nature along with listening skills makes them suitable for career like counselor, mentor, social worker, etc. Their ability to develop moral values makes them perfect for teaching jobs like elementary school teacher, librarian, preschool teacher, special education teacher, professor or college teacher, etc. There were also many career opportunities available in healthcare, business and various other fields in which an INFP can contribute with their traits and strengths. Such jobs include human resource specialist, public relations specialist, etc.

Career choices not preferred for INFPs

There are some career choices which are not preferred for INFPs. Careers which demands much deeper analysis or thinking are not suitable for INFP personality type. Jobs which needs to express themselves and also without much moral values or against their values can also considered not preferred for them. INFP will be more stressful and unsatisfied in these situations.

Jobs like financial manager, auditor, etc. are not preferred for INFP because of the requirement of analytical and data handling skills along with expressive nature. Medical jobs like physician or surgeon who require to do some delicate or detailed procedures are not a match for INFP personality types. Jobs like receptionist, customer care representatives, are not suitable for them as these jobs require to accept or hear criticism from customers. Selling something is not a trait for INFP, so selling jobs are not preferred for INFP. Military officer or police officer jobs are not preferred as these required to follow strict rules and regular schedules.

Work habits of an INFP

In work environment, an INFP wish to do what they love and suitable for their values without the stress and pressure of professional career. Their creativity, independence and imaginative skills are very useful in the workplaces. They want to get opportunities for their creativity in the workplaces. INFPS are harmonious people who dislike conflicts in workplace. They try to make everything from their part to keep workplaces harmonious.

They are very sensitive to criticism and have a tendency to take it personally. If the criticism is against their values, it will hurt them much. They are more interested if the job assigned to them aligns with their values.

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