INFPs in Workplace

INFPs in Workplace

INFPs in workplace wants space for creativity and imagination. They prefer to work in small teams of likeminded people. Based on their traits, we analyze various positions of INFPs in workplace.

INFP Personality Type

Various Positions of INFPs in Workplace

In any position, INFPs like to work in a situation which align with their values. They are people who look for purpose and vision of the organization. In all positions INFPs like to have freedom and dislike rules and routine schedules. They want opportunities to express their creativity and imagination in workplaces. Based on their traits, there are various career options for INFP personality types.

In general, INFP personality type like innovation and changes. Criticism, especially against their values makes them more hurting and are very sensitive to it. They want to work in such a situation that makes the world a better place for living.

INFP as a Manager / Boss

INFPs are very good at understanding their subordinates. They are empathetic and understanding towards their subordinates. This emotional intelligence and behavior can make the atmosphere very calm and cool. Their creativity and imaginative ability can contribute much as a manager. Being an idealist is considered to be good and bad for INFP as a manager. They have the ability to bring out inherent potential in every single person. They also hold the ability to counsel and mentor their subordinates. Mostly avoids giving a negative feedback, but appreciates innovation and original ideas.

The emotional dominance can create problem with INFP as a manager or boss. INFPs also want their office to be harmonious and free from conflicts. INFPs are sensitive to criticism, this applies to them even as a manager / boss. Criticism, especially against their values can be taken personally.

INFP as a Colleague

As a colleague, INFPs show a lot of empathy for fellow workers. They show so much emotional intelligence and understanding in a team. INFPs are very helpful, kind and compassionate people who are creative and imaginative. They are pure idealist who believe that all are good and are very supportive as a colleague.

Criticism is that one thing INFP colleague dislike. They will take criticism in their heart. They like to avoid conflicts in the workplace as long as possible. People of this personality types are deeply concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Always look for making a better world and are accepting and nonjudgmental to others.

INFP as a Subordinate

This personality type people are very creative and imaginative. They like to get their own space and freedom in doing the tasks. They dislike schedules and calendars for doing job. Also works which require more technical and analytic tasks are also not suitable for INFPs. INFPs are strongly bound to emotions, this can create some problems with their work as they will lose focus and interest if the work is not emotionally connected to them. They are motivated by the values and vision of the organization. If the values of the organization are in alignment with their own values, INFPs are good at involving in such jobs. As a subordinate INFP dislike criticism and conflicts. They take criticism personally and will hurt them much.

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