Career Choices for INTP Personality Type

Career Choices for INTP Personality Type

INTP are very good at solving complex problems in a creative and imaginative way. Their various traits like this determines career choices for INTP personality type. This article discusses about optimal and not preferred career choices for INTPs based on their traits.

INTP Personality Type

Optimal career choices for INTP personality type

INTP personality type are creative and imaginative people who like their career choices to match these skills. Rather than looking for organizational traditions or routine work jobs, INTPs prefer to work in an atmosphere which gives an opportunity to innovation, creativity and imagination. Being limited to rules and structures is not their way of working. They are enjoying work which gives them opportunity to involve in complex problem solving. They want to work in a creative role and are not good at implementing the idea.

INTP traits like creativity, innovative and imaginative abilities make them perfect for many jobs in the field of technology, engineering, sciences and research. Some jobs include in the list are computer programmer, computer system analyst, software developer, web developer, aerospace engineer, mechanical engineer, architect, civil engineer, biomedical engineer, chemical engineer, environmental engineer, nuclear engineer, agriculture or food scientist, environmental scientist, biochemist or biophysicist, medical scientist, zoologist, chemist, physicist, mathematician, statistician, economist, market research analyst, management consultant, financial analyst, actuary, etc.

Creativity, innovative and imaginative skills also makes them good at some art careers. Art careers like director, musician or composer, designer, animator, writer or author, photographer or videographer, etc. are also preferred for INTPs. Intellectual and learning skills makes them good at professor at colleges which can include research works rather than regular and routine teaching. Jobs which include more research work are preferred for INTP personality types. They are very good top executives who can give idea to the subordinates for implementation.

Career choices not preferred for INTPs

There are many careers where an INTP can be successful, but there are some careers not preferred to INTPs. Being in such occupations makes INTPs more stressful and unsatisfied. This list is based on their preferences and traits of INTPs.

Jobs which need emotional understanding are not suitable for INTPs. Some jobs of this kind include nursing jobs, preschool teacher, special school teacher, counsellor, etc. Career like contractor, electrician, builder, etc. which required implementation tasks are not preferred for INTPs.

Career which require strict rules and hierarchy are also not preferred for INTPs. Bureaucratic jobs, military or police jobs, jobs in companies which have high tradition and rules, etc. comes in this category. Regular and repetitive jobs like accountant, data entry, driver, etc. are also not preferred for an INTP.

Work habits of an INTP

Being independent people, INTPs like to work independently or in small groups. Also, they like to be in a group of intellectual people who can share creative ideas. INTPs want to be in an organization which is flexible, innovative, non-traditional and have high value and integrity. INTPs are not good at following regular structures or rules and want to be more creative and imaginative in their approach to career roles. They are very good at solving complex problems in work places. Giving a new idea is their ability but implementing the idea is not their strength.

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