INTP in Relationships

INTP in Relationships

INTP in relationships are open minded, creative, warm, honest and sincere persons. This article discusses more in detail about the INTP relationship as spouse / lover, parent and friend.

INTP Personality Type

INTP in Relationships

INTP Personality traits are visible in their relationships also. Common traits like open minded, creative, honest, warm, analytical and logical nature, insensitivity, making simple things complex, intelligence, independent, etc. are shown in their relationship behavior. They are not likely to have large circle of relationships, but have very few but close relationships.

INTP as a Spouse / Lover

INTP as a spouse / lover are very warm, open minded, honest and sincere persons. They are analytical in nature, so they take their own time before committing for a long-term relationship. They have a tendency to make the relationship needlessly complicated and are not good at emotions in the relationships. In relationships INTPs like to be independent and value mutual commitment. INTPs want plenty of space in a relationship for their own thoughts ideas and interests and give less interest in spending pleasure time with their partners.

They like to engage in intellectual activities, so like to have an intelligent partner who can match their ability. They don’t like to follow rules or structures, so very difficult for them to follow traditions and rituals in relationships. This personality type people have a tendency to find the logic behind each relationships and behavior. If they couldn’t find anything logically, they are not able to understand it properly.

INTP as a Parent

INTPs parents want their children to be grow up as independent and intelligent. They are very good at solving complex problems of their children if they could find a logic behind it. INTPs intelligence and ability to be creative and imaginative will help children in their academics and growth. They are not demanding parents and especially for following a regular routine in life.

Their inability in emotional understanding is one main problem a child can face from INTP parent. This may create friction between INTP and to their children more frequently when children enter into teenage. Another problem with an INTP parent is that they are not giving much of their time to enjoy with their children. They mostly involved in their own work or ideas and spends less time with their children.

INTP as a Friend

INTP as a friend value intellectual depth in their friendship. They are very slow to make friendship, and expect a friendship where they can exchange ideas, theories and concepts. So, personality types which have these traits and interest can make good friendship with INTP personality types.

They want their own time and space in friendship as they are independent in nature. This makes them not suitable friends for those who want pleasure time. Also, this personality type people are not emotionally supportive to their friends. Their intention is to see everything with an analytical and logical way. So, friendship with an INTP is not as easy unless if the friend shares a common interest.

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