INTPs in Workplace

INTPs in Workplace

INTPs in workplace are independent, creative and imaginative people. They require intellectual stimulation and like to have intellectual colleagues. This article discusses about INTPs in various positions as manager / boss, colleague and subordinate. 

INTP Personality Type

Various Positions of INTPs in Workplace

INTP personality type are innovative and creative people in various positions. Based on their traits, there are many career options for INTP personality type. They like to be logical and are good at solving complex problems. If they are in right job or position where they can express their strengths, they will do it in a perfect and innovative way.

INTP as a Manager / Boss

INTPs follow a flexible and creative managerial style which gives opportunities for subordinates to come up with new ideas. They don’t want to follow the crowd, instead like to do tasks in their own way. They are very good at managerial positions as their ideas can be implemented with the help of subordinates. Ability to solve complex problems, intelligence, honesty, integrity, etc. makes INTP managers respectful among subordinates.

Being very logical and analytical people, not good at understanding emotions. They look for logical reason behind any behavior. This can create some problems for INTP as a manager, when it required to deal emotions. They sometimes make simple tasks complex by thinking in a different way. If they were not able to explain their ideas properly, it can make them withdrawn.

INTP as a Colleague

INTP are not such colleague who like to create emotional relation with their teammates. Very knowledge full and intelligent colleague who can come up with solutions if the team is facing some complex problems. Their ideas and creativity can be used to complete the task in an innovative way. But they are not good at implementing the ideas. If some other colleague is good at implementing the ideas put forward by INTPs, the team can perform very well. They are analytical team member who analyze the vision and task of the team logically and objectively to find a solution.

Very independent people who can work independently and like to work in a small group. They like to have intelligent colleagues to whom they can share their ideas. INTPs needs their freedom to do the task in a team. If they are not getting the freedom of doing, this is often enough to make them bitter and withdrawn.

INTP as a Subordinate

INTP subordinates are innovative and creative if get the opportunity to do so. They are very hardworking and are able to find solutions for complex problems in the workplace. They don’t like to be in rigid rules or structures and want flexibility in doing work. This personality type rarely shows interest in organizational rules and like to have freedom in the work. Being independent people INTPs like to work independently or in small groups. Have full of ideas but require someone’s help them in implementing them. So as a subordinate, it is good if a person is there to support INTP in implementing tasks.

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