Career Choices for ISFJ Personality Type

Career Choices for ISFJ Personality Type

By having desirable traits to become efficient and effective professionals, an ISFJ had wide range of career options. Choosing a career which suits personality will help a person to be successful and satisfied in their career. In this article we are going to discuss about various career choices for ISFJ personality type. It mentions some optimal career choices as well as career choices not preferred by ISFJs along with work habits.

ISFJ personality type

Optimal career choices for ISFJ personality type

ISFJs kindheartedness and analytical minds can suit them for some careers. The traits like great desire to service, value tradition and rules, which also makes them good at some careers. In this section we are going to point out some career choices for ISFJ personality type. If you select a career that suit your personality traits, then you will feel a great satisfaction level in your career.

Their desire to service and kind heartedness makes them suitable for many social service and healthcare careers. Ability to solve problems and analytical minds will also makes them suitable for healthcare jobs like doctors, dentists, nurse, etc. Social mind and service-oriented life makes them suitable for careers in political, human resource, teaching, counseling, social worker, priests, etc.  

Analytical skills possessed by ISFJs and the value they give to traditions and rules makes them suitable for jobs like accountant, auditors, analyst, etc.

Career choices not preferred for ISFJs

Traits of ISFJ personality types makes them not preferred choice for certain careers. They don’t prefer chaos or uncertainties, not ready to divert from traditions and rules, put high value to life and societal rules, etc. These can make them not suitable for certain jobs.

When it comes to the case of chaos or uncertainties, ISFJs are not suitable for corporate executive jobs which requires to handle various uncertainties and to think other than established rules or traditions. Some other jobs which are not preferred for them includes journalist, attorney, etc. because of their nature of empathy and sensitivity. The introvert and shy nature also make them not suitable for some careers like actor.

Work habits of an ISFJ

ISFJs are loyal to traditions and organizations, they show this character in their work habits too. They always try to be conventional and love to contribute to society. Their intention will always to show they are reliable and trustable and try to complete the task in hand. ISFJs enjoy supporting coworkers and offer helpful hand to them.  Do not like multitasking and like to follow traditions and established rules. They try to show strong value-based attitude in work and get distracted when it goes against social values and culture. An ISFJ expects and value the appreciation for the work they done.

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