ISFJ in Relationships

ISFJ in Relationships

ISFJ people are very kind and loving people who put needs of other over their own. They are people who seek for lifelong relationships and are extremely dependable. As a result, put much importance to their personal relationships. ISFJ in relationships put high efforts and energy to run it smoothly.

ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJ in Relationships

ISFJs are very traditional and caring people in their relationships. Dependable and people being always there for emotional and practical support whenever there is a need. Thus, always shows their intention to keep the relation lifelong. Here we are going to discuss about ISFJ in relationships as a spouse, as a parent and as a friend.

ISFJ as a Spouse / Lover

ISFJs are very committed to their relationship as a spouse or lover and looks for long lasting relationships. Even though this personality types are not extraverts in showing their feelings, the relationship are mostly their first priority in life. They are very faithful and loyal to their partners once they are committed to them. They are also very traditional and want their relationship move smoothly. An ISFJ expects love, commitment and mostly appreciation from their partners.

This personality type put needs of others before their own needs. So, as a lover or spouse, these people become more selfless and sacrificial to their partner. They should take care of false relationships as the breakup can cause them much and can be depressed. Also, their tendency to put their needs as side could create a situation which can result in bottle up the needs and emotions and could have end up in problems. Another problem of ISFJ in relationship is to deal with conflict situations.

ISFJ as a Parent

Being traditional in nature, ISFJs are mostly intended to create well defined boundaries and roles for their children to make order and structure in their life. They believe this is necessary to make the children grow into responsible adult. This could have created resistance from their children especially at teenage.

As a parent ISFJs always ensure to meet needs of children and consider it as their duty to them. They are also giving affection, appropriate guidance and help children to grow in traditional and structured manner. In growing up children with social values and structure, ISFJs are mostly considered as ideal parents.

ISFJ as a Friend

It is not easy for ISFJ to make friends. Friends of ISFJs are made with consistent contact, it may be in class or in workplace. But once made, the friendship remains for lifelong and committed. Being introvert type, an ISFJ remains reserved around others and not open up very much. Their friendship relationship is highly valuable as they are dependable and kind people.

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