ISFJs in Workplace

ISFJs in Workplace

ISFJs are known for their willingness to support put needs of others over their own needs. They love to be in careers which give strong value to tradition and societal values. The desire to social service and kindness will also be a part of ISFJs in Workplace.

ISFJ Personality Type

Various Positions of ISFJs in Workplace

Whatever the positions in workplace, an ISFJ will always very helpful to customers as well as to coworkers. They always try to put good service and dedication to their work. Being a nurturer or defender, they show empathy and kindness towards others in workplaces also. They enjoy and love to work in a structured and predictable workplace.

ISFJ as a Manager / Boss

ISFJ as a manager or boss will be a kind, listening personality to others. May be (sometimes) all subordinates wish. They are not aggressive leaders. Mostly ISFJ become a manager as they promoted to the position because of their job performances. ISFJs not always like to be in limelight, but are capable of doing a task. Their listening skills, ability to put the team together makes them accomplish the job and become a successful manager. They put much importance to social values and traditions.

The unacceptableness to change or new ideas, shy and introvert nature, uncomfortable in chaos and uncertainties, etc. makes problem in their position. Their empathy towards others may be misused and can cause problem to the organization and to him as a manager. Their inability to handle criticism will also a problem which they took it as personal failure.  

ISFJ as a Colleague

Being a good team member, ISFJ will a good colleague. They are people who took efforts to help their colleague when a need arises. These personality types are very likable people in a team and enjoy helping and assisting others. They are very loyal and trustworthy people, and even want to show that through their behavior. They are very happy to enjoy peace and harmony in a group and try to create it.

The helpful nature of an ISFJ can also be a problem for them if the colleagues starts to misuse it. They may sometimes overburden with works, stress and problems in life.

ISFJ as a Subordinate

ISFJs are always very loyal to organizations and respect social values and traditions. The ability to complete the task which they undertook will also a blessing for the superior. These qualities make them good subordinates to their superiors. As a subordinate, an ISFJ expects appreciation from the superiors for the work they done. These personality types if make a deep and strong relation with superiors, will keep it for their lifelong.

They will get distracted when something happens against the social values, traditions and cultures. An ISFJ love to work in a specified and traditional manner of doing a task. Any chaos or uncertainties in the work will be a problem for an ISFJ. They like to take orders but don’t like aggression from superiors.

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