Weaknesses of ESTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are what we don’t like in ourselves. But it is not that part to neglect in personality development. Here, in this article we are going to discuss about weaknesses of ESTJ personality type.

ESTJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESTJ Personality Type

Like every other personality types, ESTJ personality type also have their own weaknesses. It is important to understand weaknesses and take efforts to reduce it. Along with that it is also important to understand your strengths and concentrate on it.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ESTJ personality type:

1. Judgmental

This personality type people are judgmental in nature. ESTJs will develop strong convictions about what is right, what is wrong and what is socially acceptable. They try to extend those ideas onto everyone. They ignore the possibility of doing in a different way. And they believe in their ideas and thinks it is the only right way to do the things.

2. Too much fact oriented

ESTJs are too much fact-oriented people who have difficulty in expressing emotions. Also, they may not understand other feelings and emotions and not able to show their empathy towards them. They may not even able to understand ways to find happiness and peace.

3. Too much value to social status

ESTJs give much value and importance to their social status. They will take much efforts and hard work in achieving them. This personality type people are much concerned about what the public opinion is and how others respect and treat them. This may end up in trying to meet others expectation and fail to consider their own needs and wants.

4. Find it difficult to relax

They always try to make their dignity maintained, which may end up in less time for relax. Or even not able to enjoy the fun-loving moments, as they like to be busy most of the time. Their thinking and expressions are based on how it can affect their social status and to meet others expectations.

5. Stubborn

ESTJs are stubborn and inflexible people who are not ready to change their ideas and ways. This is because their opinions are created by some facts and logic. This may help them in creating an order, but may neglect a better option in doing the same thing. It is very difficult to change the opinion of an ESTJ personality type people and are inflexible to various situations. Thus, they may see as too forceful in their decisions.

6. Too traditional

ESTJs are people who like to follow traditions and structures. New unconventional methods and situations may make them uncomfortable and stressed. They may even neglect new ideas and methods which may work better than traditional methods without even considering it. They like to follow routine and well-established ideas and can only change if they got enough proof and fact-based support for new idea.

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