Weaknesses of ESFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses are that we have to overcome in our journey of personality development. In this article we are going to discuss about weaknesses of ESFJ personality type.

ESFJ Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESFJ Personality Type

Like all other personality type people, ESFJ personality type also have their own weaknesses. It is important to understand the weaknesses and efforts are made to overcome it. If we hide and avoid weaknesses, we can’t improve much in our life. Along with efforts to overcome or reduce weaknesses, it is important to concentrate on your strengths.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ESFJ personality type:

1. Dislike changes or inflexible

This personality type people are more cautious and dislike to change existing things. They don’t change anything from conventional ways as it may be socially unacceptable. They try to achieve this by pushing their own agenda and rejects ideas from others.

2. Too selfless

Selflessness is a weakness if it becomes too much. If they forget to satisfy their own needs and always thinking about need of others, it may end up as problems in life. ESFJs do this in order to attain attention and social status. Thus, they may end up in sacrificing their own well-being for other’s need in order to attain social status. Also, this nature may end up in more problems if others feels that ESFJs are trying to change them by overly helping.

3. Worried about social status

ESFJ personality type people put much interest in how others see them. This can be a weakness as it can limit them from taking many decisions at particular time and thus reduce their efficiency and productivity. This can even restrict their flexibility and open minded in taking decisions. Sometimes it even makes them more stressful and worried people as it may not give enjoyment to life and social appreciation.

4. Too traditional

ESFJs are too traditional people who don’t like to come out of their own comfort zones. They think that any unusual or innovative ideas may change their appearances in the society. Also thinks that it may affect their social status. They also think that if they change, this may end up in someone value and perceive them as being different.

5. Troubles with conflict and too sensitive

ESFJ personality type people are conflict averse people. This becomes a weakness as it makes them defensive and vulnerable to criticism. They may be overly-sensitive and emotional people when it comes to problems and conflicts.

6. Require constant compliments and appreciation

This personality type people like to get appreciation and compliments for their efforts. They want others to value their efforts and give appreciation for the same. Also, they may value themselves based on the opinion and perception of others. If they don’t get it, they may feel themselves as lonely and unworthy people.

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