Weaknesses of ESFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESFP Personality Type

ESFPs are entertainers and are not good at analysis and repetitive tasks. This article discusses about weaknesses of ESFP personality type.  

ESFP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESFP Personality Type

ESFP personality type people are not good analyst of complex situations and dislike repetitive tasks. Also, they are not good planners for their future. Like other personality types, ESFP also have some weaknesses in their traits. It is also important to understand and overcome weaknesses along with concentrating on their strengths.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ESFP Personality Type:

1. Very sensitive and emotional

ESFPs are very sensitive and emotional people who dislike criticism. They are easily reacting to criticism sometimes very badly. Sometimes they perceive the criticism as the effort of others to spoil their life enjoyment.

2. Bored easily

This personality type like excitements and entertainments in life and any work they involved in. If they couldn’t find such situation, they become easily bored. They like to take risk and found pleasure in the moment; this also makes them bored very easily if the work is of long term.

3. Lives in moment and dislike long term plans

ESFPs are not good at making long term plans. They are people who like to take pleasure of the moment and rarely bother about future. They like to find joy in day-to-day basis than achieving a broader and longer goal.

4. Loses focus

ESFPs are people who like to live in the present and don’t like to get into long term projects or plans. If they are in work which requires long term dedication and focus, it will be difficult. This could have seen in their academics as well as in career. They become more stressful and tensed in the situations which required deep and focused approach.

5. Risk takers

Risk taking trait is a strength and weakness. It becomes weakness when it combines with poor planning skills which eventually leads to wrong choices. Sometimes this may also result in wrong financial choices which have long term future impacts.

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