ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJs are practical and organized people with clear vision of the way that things should be. They are practical, traditional and hardworking individuals who like to be in leadership positions.

ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ – Extraversion Sensing Thinking Judging

ESTJ is one of the Sixteen MBTI Personality Type in which the indicators are explained as below:

E (Extraversion): They talk more, active, high energy people. Outgoing, enthusiastic and likes to be around people.

S (Sensing):  They are realistic and pragmatic people who like details. Trust facts, specifics, past experience and present realities.

T (Thinking): They are people make decisions based on logic. They prefer logic and facts than feelings. Ruled by the head, not the heart.

J (Judging): They are people who like to make decisions. Organized and disciplined people, like to prepare and plan ahead.

Common Traits of ESTJ Personality

ESTJs are hardworking individuals and have the capability of organizing and running activities. Self-confident, talented and aggressive people who are straight forward and honest in character. They are very loyal and like to be role models in family, community and country. Follow traditions and values and uncomfortable in dealing something unconventional and new. They are good team players and like to work with people rather than working alone. Some common traits of ESTJ personality type are as follows:

  • Practical, hardworking and organized people
  • Value traditions and laws
  • Uncomfortable in dealing with new and unconventional things
  • Good citizens who are loyal to family, community or country
  • Like to working with people
  • Live in the world of facts

ESTJ –The Guardian

ESTJs are practical, ethical, organized and hardworking people. They are very loyal in every place includes family, community or country. So, they are considered to be good citizens and love being role models. They are good leaders and capable of organizing and running activities. These personality types are very approachable and enjoys interacting with people. They highly value social security and orders and do anything that can promote these. Also, they honor traditions and laws.

Famous People with ESTJ Personality Type

Some famous people with ESTJ personality type are Steve Ballmer, Billy Graham, Michelle Obama, Theresa May, etc.

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