Weaknesses of ESTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESTP Personality Type

ESTPs have weaknesses along with their strengths. This article discusses about weaknesses of ESTP personality type.  

ESTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of ESTP Personality Type

Like all other personality types, ESTP personality type also have weaknesses. Avoiding weaknesses will not help in personality development. Understanding and trying to overcome weaknesses is important. Concentrating and developing strengths of ESTP personality type is also important.

The following are some of the weaknesses of ESTP Personality Type:

1. Impatient

ESTPs are very good at doing tasks and that excites them. If the task is to focus on a single detail for too long, it would make them impatient. They love to be engaged in new ideas and tasks; this makes them easily bored at different situations which are not suitable for them.

2. Insensitive

Being logical and analytical in nature, ESTPs are insensitive to feelings. They consider feelings and emotions as second to logic and facts. This is visible even in expressing their own feelings and emotions. Their direct way of communication also makes them perceived as rude and blunt towards others.

3. Misses the bigger picture

ESTPs like to deal with problems one by one as it is seen and love to solve it instead of making a plan. When dealing with a task or problem, they will look at facts of the situation, think about the logic, decide and execute what should be done and move on to the next thing. This tendency could make them not to see the big picture of the problems. This may lead them to find solutions for each part but may miss the solution if combine together.

This trait also makes them not able to plan anything in advance or follow plans.

4. Dominant and defiant

ESTPs sometimes becomes dominant and defiant people. They are action oriented and practical people who want quick results. This makes them not suitable for long discussions or planning. Concentrating on a single thing or tasks is not suitable for ESTP.

5. Risk takers

Being a risk taker can be a strength as well as a weakness. If taking a risk without considering long term consequences will be a problem for them. Taking such risks if the decisions is based only on some facts available at moment and not considering the big picture may end up in wrong choices. This could have made them end up wrong financial choices, which is one of the weaknesses of ESTP personality type.

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