Strengths of ESFP Personality Type

Strengths of ESFP Personality Type

ESFPs are performing personality types and are good at entertaining others. This article discusses various strengths of ESFP personality type.

ESFP Personality Type

Strengths of ESFP Personality Type

ESFP personality types have many strengths in their traits. They are basically performers and are very good entertainers. ESFPs love the spotlight and enjoy having fun with group of friends. For success in life ESFPs have to concentrate on their strengths and try to overcome their weaknesses.

Following are considered to be major strengths of ESFP personality type.

1. Practical

ESFPs like to see and do things rather than think about what ifs. They like to see and experience everything in practical way. They possess a good talent in learning to do practically by just watching things.

2. Bold and spontaneous

They are bold enough to enter and experience everything in life. This personality type people are also show their willingness to go out of their comfort zones. Their boldness along with ability to react spontaneously helps them to grasp opportunities available at moment.

3. Observant

ESFPs are very observant people and are good at noticing things and changes. With the observation ability they can easily understand the world with its facts and realities. Also, by their observant character they are able to differentiate between things based on importance at present moment.  

4. Performer or entertainer

People in ESFP personality type are good performers or entertainers and have the talents to please others with their words and actions. They like to be in spotlight and are able to do this by their talkative and witty character.

5. Original and confident

ESFPs like to experiment in life with new ways of doing things. They observe to be original and are using this strength to be always in spotlight. They are confident people who have the ability to perform when an opportunity is available to them.

6. Possess excellent people skills

Being good performers and entertainers, ESFPs have excellent people skills. They enjoy being in the spot light and are able to attain this by their talkative and witty character. They have ability to identify opportunities to attract relationships with others.

7. Creative and adventurous

ESFPs are creative and adventurous people who like to experiment in life. They are good at taking risks and this helps them to grasp opportunities present at the moment.

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