Weaknesses of INTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of INTP Personality Type

Each personality types have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to understand them for personality development. This article discusses about some weaknesses of INTP personality type.

INTP Personality Type

Weaknesses of INTP Personality Type

Just like other personality types, INTP personality type are also have their own weaknesses. They can overcome their weaknesses by understanding it. Along with that, improving and concentrating on strengths are also important.

The following are some of the weaknesses of INTP Personality Type:

1. Insensitive

INTPs are logicians who love to deal everything logical or analytical. They are insensitive to others feelings and doesn’t show any emotional consideration in their dealings. If they perceive that something is not logical, they consider it as unimportant.

2. Not good at planning and implementing ideas

These people are good at initiating ideas, but not have the ability to plan and implement things. This is because, they always see various possibilities and options in front of them. This makes them to divert from the goal and going behind new ideas every time. They also think that what they done is not the best, so try to improve the work. This could have delayed their work and not complete the task for long time.

3. Impatient and condescending

INTPs are impatient to others, especially to those who are less competent than them. They think about efficiency rather than the needs and feelings of others. They are people who take pride in their knowledge and enjoy sharing ideas. Also thinks that their knowledge and intelligence are more than others. And they become impatient if others find their ideas too abstract and hard to understand.

4. Absent minded

When they are interested in some ideas, they even forget surrounding physical world. Even they forget their own physical needs like sleep, meals, health, etc.

5. Bypass rules and guidelines

INTPs are people who will bypass the rules and guidelines for their ideas. This could have help them by giving flexibility in making new ideas or come out with unconventional creativity. But this can create problems like not completing things or doing things repeatedly. Even for social rules, they follow this attitude. This may create problem as all social rules cannot be rejected or neglected.

6. Makes things complex

INTPs like to deal any problems with logic and analytical way. This attitude ends up in making simple things complex with many analyses which are hard to understand.

7. Difficulty in making choices

INTPs mostly feel difficulty in making choices as they are curious about new ideas and always have a second guess on themselves. They are not good at making a choice if no data is available upfront. This can be seen in their career choices, educational choices, and even in house and marriage. This could have result in missing good opportunities in life.

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