Strengths of INFJ Personality Type

Strengths of INFJ Personality Type

Strengths of INFJ personality type are determined by their functions and related traits. That is their preferences of INFJ over counter functions. Their personality patterns are developed from the interaction of these four preferences.

INFJ Personality Type

Strengths of INFJ Personality Type

INFJs have developed their own potential strengths and weaknesses, like other personality types. Understanding strengths can make you better understand yourself and maximize the growth potential of yourself.

Following are considered to be major strengths of an INFJ personality type.

1. Creative to human challenges

INFJs are considered to be very creative people mostly in resolving human challenges. Their compassionate behavior and imaginative ability make them perfect for finding solutions. The extreme intuitiveness in them allows to develop strategies for helping other individuals in taking positive decisions in their life. This character makes them suitable for advisors, counselors, and psychiatrists.

2. Future oriented and decisive

INFJs are future oriented and future focused people. They have a vision in life and took efforts in reaching to it. Their intuitiveness helps them to see the world as what it could have be. These personality type shows immense willpower in completing a project they undertook.

3. Insightful

INFJs have a great skill of knowing someone deeply and understand them. These people look beyond what it looks like and go deep into the heart of the matter. They are very skillful in identifying how people and events are connected and even develop deep insights about relationships.

4. Empathetic

The ability to understand human conditions and nature makes an INFJ an empathetic personality. They are able to go into the root cause of the situation and with their intuitive nature and try to find solution.

5. Have good communication skills

This personality type people usually have good communication skills and especially writing skills. They are mostly inspirational writers and good orators. If they speak about the subject they like, they talk with warmth and full of passion. These skills can even touch audience inner sense.

6. Altruistic

They put societal goodness and advancement first beyond their own advancement. These people use their strengths and take actions which they believe are helpful in making the society a better place.

7. Passionate and determined

INFJs put full determination in reaching a goal they believe to be important. They show immense passion towards it and even that leads them to continue with the chosen cause with full energy.

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