How to Overcome Fear of Exam

How to Overcome Fear of Exam?

Every student has experienced exam fear during exam period. The intensity and effects of these on students vary. In this article we are discussing about how to overcome fear of exam?

Exam fear can lead to stress as well as stress can lead to fear of exams. Both reduces performance. Students must aim to reduce fear and stress of exams to perform well. The fear and stress may be due to many reasons. Exam fear is a fear that starts with the announcement of exam date and continues till the result date.

How to overcome fear of exam?

A student can overcome exam fear and stress by process and practice only. Even though fear of exams starts at the time of declaration of exam dates, process to overcome exam fear must start as early. Each student must have an intention to overcome the fear. Here we are explaining some process and practices one can follow as an answer to how to overcome fear of exam.

1. Identify the reason

First step in overcoming exam fear is to identify the reason or cause of exam fear. There may be many reasons that can create exam fear and stress. Some of them includes fear of failure, low self-confidence, past experiences, lack of knowledge, inability to reproduce in exams, unhealthy mind and body, mind wandering here and there, unable to study completely, not able to manage time, etc.

2. Set up a time-table and prepare in advance

This method can easily eliminate some of the causes that creates exam fear. If you could plan your studies well, you could completely study the whole syllabus and this surely reduce your fear of exam. Don’t leave your topics for the last moment. Complete it regularly and well before time. Just be ready for the exams.

3. Study methods

Identify the study method that suits you. Some includes understanding the concepts, time of study, ways of dealing with topics, etc. Don’t follow others as it may not suits you. A study method that suits you can ease your pressure.

4. Mock tests

Getting experience of exams and patterns is much helpful in overcoming exam fear. Try to solve previous year papers and test series. If you couldn’t able to answer any section or topics, revise it or study it again. This is possible only if you complete your studies well in advance.

5. Time management

Time management is that which determines the success. If you are able to manage your time, then fear will decrease. Time management must be done in every step of study. It is a requirement in preparation time and also required during exams. So it is important how you use your time wisely.

6. Your health matters

Make your mind and body clean and healthy. This will increase your concentration and reduce your pressure. Avoid practices that increase your pressure and fear. Do proper and regular exercises that helps you.

If you are ready for writing exams and sure in mind that you can perform well, then there will not be any exam fear.

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