Whole year as a Student

Whole year as a Student

For a student’s life every year starts with hope, responsibility, planning, enthusiasm, etc. To keep these for the whole year is a problem. The article whole year as a student gives some tips to help students to keep up with studies and other activities for the whole year.

The beginning of new classes means, new books, new notebooks, new teachers, sometimes new friends and even new school. Something may be exciting, something may be distrusting. As a student you need to adjust with everything and need to continue your studies and extracurricular activities.

As a student your studies, exams, extracurricular activities, all are spread throughout the year. A proper plan and strategy can give you success as a student. So here are some tips to focus whole year as a student.

Tips to focus whole year as a Student

1. Setting Targets

Mostly every student do this at the beginning of the academic year. The targets must be set to excel in academics and extracurricular activities. You can fix targets and goals on each activities you need to face during the academic year. Setting goals and targets makes it easier for you to plan your entire year including the breaks and extracurricular activities.

2. Look at the annual calendar

Most of the universities or boards will publish annual calendar at the beginning of the year itself. You should look at the tentative dates of exams, holidays, plan of syllabus completion, etc. from the calendar. This will help you to get an idea of how to plan your studies during the year.

3. Give time for extracurricular and leisure activities

Extracurricular activities can keep you active for the whole year. You must give time for extracurricular activities and for leisure. If you only give time for studies, it will make you bored and there is much more probability to deviate from your targets. So when you plan for the year, you must give time for extracurricular activities and for leisure. Also participate in various competitive exams like Science and Maths Olympiads, NTSE etc.

4. Plan your whole year

It is very difficult to plan for the whole year. But it is one thing that can keep you focused. There may be many problems to keep up with the plan, but try to keep up with the plan as far as possible. Include various options and spare time to cover up loss time. Some emergencies can cause you divert from the plan, so when you plan for the whole year, you must keep time to compensate for the loss and uncertainties.

5. Prepare for the exams well before

You should prepare exam schedule in advance and prepare well in advance. This will ease out the pressure and help you to perform well in the exams. You must prepare the study schedule to ensure that you complete the whole syllabus well in advance for the exams. Keep your lecture notes and other notes updated so that you can revise it at the time of examinations. Make sure to attempt model examinations and previous year question papers.

6. Life style

Your life style is important for keeping your focus whole year as a student. Be healthy throughout the year. Have good sleeping pattern, eating pattern, etc. Proper exercises is also essential for both body and mind.

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